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and celebrations with the best facilities.

Smíchovský pavilon is an ideal choice for organising parties, corporate trainings, meetings, weddings, events of various sizes, etc. Thanks to the variability and several halls of various capacities, we can prepare an environment suitable just for you. In the long term we also cooperate with accommodation facilities and we are able to provide you with a full-fledged catering background according to your needs. We will be happy to prepare everything you need, from individual custom decorations to compiling a special offer. Come to us to enjoy moments of well-being and leave everything else to us. Our renowned cuisine together with the many years of experience of our staff will turn your every visit into a unique experience.

You can find more about the capacities of our lounges HERE.


Introduction of Smíchovský pavilon

Smíchov Hall

Capacity 110 persons

Since its foundation in 1886, Smíchovský pavilon has connected its existence with the Smíchov brewery and this cooperation has continued to this day. It is therefore not surprising that the dominant feature of the pavilion, the main hall for up to 110 people, was named after its most famous beer. In summer, two more outdoor terraces can be added to its capacity. The hall serves not only everyday visitors but is also popularly used as a representative place for social events. There are two large-screen televisions in the hall, which makes it ideal for watching sports broadcasts together in the best atmosphere.

Introduction of Smíchovský pavilon

Mayer’s Lounge

Capacity 60 persons

This lounge, or rather a glass-walled atrium with a capacity of 60 seats, was named after the famous native of Carlsbad and inventor, who is known for his products all over the world. With its capacity it suits medium-sized social events, tours, but is also widely sought after and popular with regular visitors to Smíchovský pavilon. The hall serves not only everyday visitors but is also popularly used as a representative place for social events. The entire atrium can be closed and separated from other guests of the restaurant. There is also a large-screen TV where you can watch sports broadcasts or your own content and presentations. This lounge is very popular for weddings, birthday parties and similar events.

Introduction of Smíchovský pavilon

Dr E. Holub’s Lounge

Capacity 30 persons

This lounge is named after Dr Emil Holub, a famous Czech native, a lover of the Smíchov beer and one of the prominent visitors to Smíchovský pavilon, whose life story has become the central theme of the reopening of the restaurant. With its capacity of 30 seats, it ideally meets the requirements for organising corporate trainings, class reunions, tastings and similar activities. It is located on the first floor of Smíchovský pavilon and is thus completely separated from all other spaces. The lounge is equipped with a large-screen TV. It is ideal for all who are looking for an undisturbed space with on-demand service and full catering facilities.